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    • Título: Practical Neurology (4th Ed.)
    • Autores: Jose Biller
    • Publicado: 06/05/2014
    • ISBN: 9781451142631
    • Tamaño: 35 MB
    • Nº de páginas: 748
    • Idiomas: Español
    • Valoración: ★★★★★
    • Formato : PDF, EPUB

Descargar Jose Biller - Practical Neurology (4th Ed.) ePub

This book is a practical, concise alternative to existing neurology textbooks. The outline format and standard chapter template offers the reader immediate, comprehensive information. The author is a well-respected educator who has a talent for making neurologic information accessible and understandable. Significant changes have been made to the therapeutics/management portion of the book as well as specific diagnosis-related chapters have been updated. More tables and figures allow the reader to find the information quickly. This book sits between a handbook and a textbook and distinguishes itself in its presentation of material in a problem-oriented format: 35 chapters discuss how to approach the patient with a variety of disorders; the second half of the book discusses treatment options.
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